Mindset & Perseverance
To be successful in life, students need to learn both social and academic expertise.

A focus on the connection between social-emotional learning and academics leads to success both in and outside the classroom.

Clubs and sports provide students with an outlet to create, lead, and compete in areas of their choice.

Visual and Performing Arts provide students with unique opportunities to express themselves and explore new ideas.

Responsive classroom

The Responsive Classroom approach is a way of teaching that creates a safe, challenging, and joyful classroom and schoolwide climate for all children. Teachers who use the Responsive Classroom approach understand that all of children’s needs—academic, social, emotional, and physical—are important.  The teacher creates an environment that responds to all of those needs so that your child can do his or her best learning.
Children learn best when they have strong academic and social-emotional skills. That’s why teachers using the Responsive Classroom approach focus on teaching all the skills needed for academic excellence. They teach children reading, writing, and math skills and also teach them how to take turns, listen respectfully, and work effectively with a partner or group.
Teachers also think carefully about everything from classroom setup to how they speak to their students. All these things put together determine how well children learn.

Facts & Figures