New State Board of Education Rule Regarding Special Magistrate for Unresolved Student Welfare Complaints at Charter Schools (

If a parent or guardian has a dispute or concern regarding the rights of parents protected in either FS 1002.20 and FS 1014.04, there is a procedure for seeking relief.

First, parents or guardians should contact the teacher for resolution. Next, parents or guardians should contact the principal or parent involvement representative and allow them a chance to correct or mediate the alleged violation. 

After the complaint is filed, the principal and parent involvement representative have one week to settle this dispute. 

In addition, the parent involvement representative will notify the board about any relief requests.

After 7 days, the parent or guardian may elevate their dispute to the Charter Liaison for Sarasota County Schools. 

The district has thirty days to rectify concerns before the parent or guardian may request the special magistrate. 

The special magistrate may contact the principal with inquiries.


Lead Principal – Stacy Homan (941) 924-4242

Principal of Middle Grades- Justin Kamlade (941) 924-4242-

Parent Involvement Representative – Karla Reynolds (941) 924-4242

Charter School Liaison – Millie Wheeler (941) 927-9000 –