School Hours

Elementary Dress Code

Shirts should be white or any color blue (navy, royal or light blue) polo shirts with a collar.
Pants, shorts, skorts or skirts (with shorts underneath) should be SOLID COLORED khaki tan or blue – NO STRIPES.  Shorts must be of modest length.
Plaid shorts, athletic shorts with stripes, or jeans are not appropriate for students.
For safety reasons, students must wear sneakers daily.  These need to have a closed toe and closed heel.  Students should not wear boots, sandals, flip-flops or Crocs.
FRIDAYS ONLY – Students may wear their “School Spirit” or Jog-A-Thon shirts in place of their polo shirts.

Middle Grades Dress Code

Shirts should be black, grey or any color green (lime, forest, heather, emerald, etc…) with a collar.
Pants, shorts, skirts and skorts should be SOLID COLORED khaki tan, black, blue or grey. Shorts options include khaki, golf, or athletic, but must be solid colored, at least finger tip in length, and any logo must be half-dollar sized or smaller. Plaid shorts, denim bluejeans, jeggings, yoga pants, sweatpants, clothing with holes/rips are inappropriate for school.  
Hoodies are only allowed in school colors: black, grey or green.  Screenprints on the front and writing on the sleeve are not permitted. Sweatshirts may have a small logo on the chest area dollar bill size or smaller.
For safety reasons, students must wear sneakers daily. Sneakers are closed toe and closed heel shoes. Students should not wear sandals, flip-flops, boots, Crocs, etc…
Students may wear crocs if it is actively raining but must have sneakers to change into if/when rain stops.
Fridays Only
Students may wear their “School Spirit” or Running-of-the-Bulls shirt on Fridays only in place of their polo shirts.

Cell Phone Policy

Sarasota Suncoast Academy has adopted cell phone policies for the safety of our students, families and staff.

Students should not have cell phones on campus.  If your student has a cell phone, it should not be used on campus or the school bus and must remain hidden (in pocket or backpack) throughout the day.  If you need to communicate with your student, please call 941-924-4242.

Parents & Families should not use cell phones in the following areas:

  • While in a car in the pick-up / drop-off line
  • While driving in the driveway or parking lot at any time
  • While walking in the parking area
  • In the classroom while students are present

Breakfast & Lunch

Food for breakfast & lunch is transported from Lakeview Elementary School on a daily basis.  Lunch counts are called in before 9:15 AM each day.  If you know that your student is going to be later and wishes to purchase lunch, please call the office before 9 AM to let us know.
School Menus can be found on the Sarasota County School Board Website.
Please note the following:
  1. All checks should be payable to Lakeview Elementary School and should be placed in an envelope marked with your child’s name and PIN number (if you know it).  You can put any amount of money in your child’s account.  It is not necessary to pay on a daily basis.  You may put money in your child’s lunchroom account online through
  2. School Lunch Prices:
    • Elementary Breakfast – $1.25; Elementary Lunch – $2.50
    • Middle Grades Breakfast – $1.25; Middle Grades Lunch – $2.50
  3. Free & Reduced Lunch applications are available here.  The applications can only be completed online and they are kept confidential.  We are not informed of the recipients nor do we have any control of who does or does not qualify.
  4. Fifth & middle grades students are allowed to purchase seconds if available and with parent permission.
  5. Students who wish to eat breakfast, must be in the cafeteria prior to 8:10 AM so they can eat and get to class on time.

HELP! We use parent volunteers in the lunchroom on a daily basis in order to provide our teachers with a much needed, thirty minute lunch break.  This mainly involves helping the younger students open milk cartons and other items, wiping tables, and helping staff monitor students.  Lunch runs from 11 AM until 1 PM daily.  This is a great way to help our staff and get volunteer hours.

Parent Contract

Parents with students attending Sarasota Suncoast Academy have entered into a contract where they are responsible to perform 20 hour (10 hours if in grades 6-8) of volunteer time per family each year.

Parents are given credit for volunteer time any time they take time out of their day to show their child that education is important to them.  Children need this parental involvement in order to thrive.  Volunteers are needed in the classrooms, lunchroom, PT4SO meetings & events, clerical help, field trips, and various other opportunities.

  • Ten hours (5 hours, for grades 6-8) should be performed before the end of the second quarter.  The remaining can be performed during the third and fourth quarters (5 hours per quarter is recommended for elementary families).

    • Parents who complete all  hours before the end of the second quarter will receive an invitation to our volunteer brunch!

  • Parents may perform half of their hours at home; however, the remaining hours must be performed at school by parents or other persons important to the child.

  • Time is to be entered on the computers at the front desk at some point while you are at the school.  We use the “PALS COUNT” system to keep track of your time.  You will need to register before you can enter any time.  It is up to the volunteer to enter their volunteer times.

  • The last date to complete the volunteer hours in order for your child to be enrolled the following year is May 12, 2023.


Parents and Teachers For Students Organization

Dear Parents:

Welcome to Sarasota Suncoast Academy!  The Parents and Teachers for Students Organization (PT4SO) is excited for the possibilities that this new year may bring.  Whether your family is returning to Suncoast or you are new to the school, we look forward to meeting you.

The PT4SO serves our students by building a strong community of parents, teachers and administrators.  We are committed to enriching the lives of our students through activities that build our community.

For additional information, please call the school at 941-924-4242.