Car Line Procedures

The procedures outlined below are designed to ensure the safety of our children, our parents and our staff.

  • Campus doors remain locked until 8 AM.

  • If you wish to park, stay on the right side of the cones until you are past the pick-up area.

  • Left side of the cones is for buses and approved through traffic.

  • Students arriving between 8 and 8:20 AM will go to a waiting area.

  • At 8:20 students are dismissed to their class.

  • Students needing breakfast should arrive before 8:15 AM.

  • If you are walking your child in, please walk to the stop sign and wait for instructions to cross traffic.  You will cross from stop sign to stop sign.

  • Middle Grades area does not provide parking.  Should you need to park, please park in the lot

  • Please remain on sidewalks once you are on campus.

  • Dismissal begins at 3:15 – no earlier.

  • Students should be allowed to finish the school day.

  • Early pickup should be avoided except in unavoidable situations.  It is mandatory that notes are sent in advance for appointments requiring an early dismissal.

  • Send any pick up / bus changes in writing.  This includes someone different picking up your child, including other parents.

  • Place child identification in the windshield of your car for pick up (Yellow for Elementary; Green for Middle)  If carpooling, please request an additional car tag.  Display car tags for all children being picked up.

  • Pull forward to the blue cone – do not stop under the tree.

  • When picking up inside, please do not use this time to conference with staff.

  • When exiting the building during dismissal, please go to the stop sign and wait for instructions to cross.

  • Stay on sidewalk when on school property.

Arrival/Dismissal Maps


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