Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some our most frequently asked questions.

What time does school start?

School starts at 8:30am and ends at 3:15pm.

What is SSA about?

Sarasota Suncoast Academy is a K-8 public charter school in Sarasota, FL that has been offering education built on Responsive Classroom apporach to teaching and learning since 2004. Click here for more information

How do I enroll?

Enrollment information is found here: Our elementary enrollment application is here: Our Middle Grades enrollment application is here:

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are public schools that operate under a performance contract, or a “charter” which frees them from many regulations created for traditional public schools while holding them accountable for academic and financial results. The charter contract between the charter school governing board and the sponsor details the school’s mission, program, goals, students served, methods of assessment and ways to measure success. The length of time for which charters are granted varies but most are granted for five years.

The Florida Legislature, in authorizing the creation of public charter schools, established the following guiding principles: high standards of student achievement while increasing parental choice; the alignment of responsibility with accountability; and ensuring parents receive information on reading levels and learning gains of their children. Charter schools are intended to improve student learning; increase learning opportunities with special emphasis on low performing students and reading; and measure learning outcomes. Charter schools may create innovative measurement tools; provide competition to stimulate improvement in traditional schools; expand capacity of the public school system; and mitigate the educational impact created by the development of new residential units.

Do you provide extended care?

We do! SSA provides both before-care and after-care services. Check out this link for more information:

What is the school's dress code?

Our school’s dress code changes based off of grade level. Check out or ‘Parent Page’ for more information.

What is your volunteer hour policy?

Parents with students attending SSA have entered into a contract where they are responsible to perform 20 hour (10 hours if in grades 6-8) of volunteer time per family each year.
Elementary Only = 20 Hours
Middle Grades Only = 10 Hours
Both (Elementary/MS) = 20 Hours

How do I get in touch?

Here are the various ways you can get in touch with us:
1. Email: You can email our global email at or go to for specific email addresses.
2. Phone: Our phone number is (941) 924 – 4242.
3. We also have a parent page where you can sign up for our tours at

What is PT4SO?

Parents and teachers for students organization. PT4SO serves our students by building a strong community of parents, teachers, and administrators.

What are the meal prices?

SSA Elementary’s breakfast costs $1.50 and lunch costs $2.75. SSA Middle’s Breakfast costs $2.00 and Lunch costs $3.00

Where can I find the lunch menu?

The menu is subject to change.

What if my child requires medication during the school day?

All students who require medication during school hours must fill out this county form. The family must keep all medications at the front desk.

What do I need to do if I must pick up my child early from school for an appointment?

If you need to pick your child up early, call our main phone number. (941) 924 – 4242

What does your athletic program look like?

SSA has a sport program that runs through out the year. Fall Sports/Winter/Early Spring/Late Spring. Check out our athletics page for more information:

What is the cell phone policy?

Students should not have cell phones on campus. If your student has a cell phone, it should not be used on campus or the school bus and must remain hidden (in backpack) throughout the day. Parents / Families should not use cell phones while in the car line and in the classroom while students are present.

Where do I go for arrival and dismissal?

Our car line procedures are listed here:

How do I become a sponsor?

There are 4 different types of sponsors. Sunspot sponsor, sunshine sponsor, solar flare sponsor, solar eclipse sponsor. Each one with different benefits. Click here for more information:

How do I find volunteer opportunities?

SSA requires parents to volunteer a specific amount of hours depending on your household. Reach out to your homeroom teacher for ways to volunteer. If you’re interested, cafe is always looking for volunteers. Click here to sign up

Our Mission

The mission of Suncoast Academy is to integrate excellence in education, highly motivated and qualified teachers, deeply concerned and involved parents and a supportive community; which will provide students a superior learning opportunity while developing and reinforcing a strong value system and a healthy work ethic that affords children the tools needed to succeed and contribute in the 21st century.

Our Philosophy

Research shows that when families of all backgrounds are engaged in their children’s learning, their children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and pursue higher education. Suncoast Academy’s goal is for the school, our families and the community to partner together for a better environment for education. This supportive partnership provides a benefit to the students of Suncoast Academy.

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